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Meet Jason

As President of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Jason Kenney fought hard for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.

In 1997, Calgary voters elected him for the first time as a Member of Parliament.

Since then, he's been voted the "best overall," "hardest working,” and “most knowledgable" MP by his colleagues, and called "perhaps Canada's best immigration minister ever" by the National Post.

As Minister of Employment and Social Development, he re-tooled training programs and implemented the Canada Job Grant to connect Canadians with good-paying jobs.

He served Canada's Armed Forces as the Minister of National Defence in 2015, while continuing his work with multicultural communities across Canada. He also chaired the Cabinet Operations Committee, and served as the Regional Minister for Southern Alberta.

In 2015, Jason was re-elected with nearly 67% of the vote. He hopes to continue serving his constituents in the new riding of Calgary Midnapore, and to keep working for a Canada that is strong and free.